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Кега Тёмное Кега Светлое
14.01.2014 Product quality assurance from Hampl Live beer in the barrels of “Waclav Hampl” since January 14, 2014 is marked by a new label.

Due to the numerous cases of attempts of a fake of Waclav Hampl beer which cast a shadow on its reputation, since January 14, 2014 barrels with Waclav Hampl draft beer Hampl a “quality assurance” are marked by a special label with a holographic insert . The sample of such label is given behind. If you notice the cases of sale of the fake beer “Waclav Hampl”, please, call us the hot line. We value quality and reputation of our product and we will be grateful to you for the help and support.

10.01.2014 The beer equipment for free from Hampl The new franchasing service program from Waclav Hampl beer started.

For the partners, planning to open shop of draft beer or pub (cafe, restaurant), since January, 2014 the new franchasing service program from Waclav Hampl beer started. Opening the shop under the name “Waclav Hampl”, to the businessman gets the maximum support from Waclav Hampl beer, including the equipment, advertizing materials, the help in shop registration, the maximum discounts for production, etc. Details on our site in the section “Retail clients”. Contact us, we will offer you options of cooperation and creation of own business with the minimum investments.

01.01.2014 Happy new year 2014! Waclav Hampl congratulates friends, partners and judges of the real beer in New 2014! Happy New Year, friends!

We wish that the come year was generous as beer foam, bright and solar as beer in a glass, and how many in it bubbles — as much let will be also the pleasant moments! Let the horse who has come to us will bring success and an order in affairs, a positive spirit and confidence. We want that this year was successful for all!

10.12.2013 The new light grade “by Waclav Hampl Bar” is released For fans of Waclav Hampl draft beer the new light grade of Waclav Hampl Bar draft beer is let out.

Light pleasant beer is irreplaceable for a meeting with old friends in a warm situation as it is accepted in Bavaria. The content of alcohol of 4,5%, at the density of 11%. Structure classical: water, malt light barley, hop. Beer doesn’t contain any flavoring or other additives. Ask in shops of draft beer of your city.