About recipe and technology

Czech brewing tradition originated in the 11th century, the first entry of the Czech brewing mentioned in chronicles in Bohemia in 1087. It is noteworthy that the original beer brewed exclusively monks, probably because of this have survived various recipes of this foamy drink safely. Later the right to brew beer was awarded the knights and nobles, well, then the commoners. By the 13th century the popularity of beer in the Czech Republic has reached such proportions that there was ” one mile rule ” – breweries had to share at least one mile overland. Thanks to the popularity in Europe , beer began traveling the world , conquering new countries, and gradually it came to Russia .Hampl beer recipe is based on adapted to modern production capabilities of Russian producers of vintage classic beer recipes. Proper formulation in terms of the components used (water, malt, hops) and their proportions did not change the past 100-200 years (from the commencement of commercial production of beer in Europe). As accurately reproducing classic beer recipe “Hampl” ®, we adapted it to modern standards of production, selecting only the highest quality ingredients and the most responsible producers. Natural draft and bottled beers Hampl combines old tradition of Czech brewing and modern European standards of quality, only the finest malt and hops, pure water and high quality equipment – a pledge of this, decent beer. Beer Hampl (“Hampl”) is brewed on artesian water when cooking is only Czech malt and Czech (for some grades – German) hops. With this beer Hampl earned recognition beer lovers all over Russia. Beer Hampl (“Hampl”) does not contain preservatives, coloring components GMO dietary supplements. And draft and bottled beer Hampl (« Hampl “) is not pasteurized, preserving the natural flavor of the classic natural beer.