For retail customers

Are you wondering beer brand Waclav Hampl, you want to open a shop of draft beer or a coffee bar, please contact us – we will offer you options for cooperation and creating your own business with minimum investment. In addition to draft beer, we also offer bottled and on favorable terms.In order to become our partner, you must have the desire to create or develop their own business, and all the necessary support for this, we will undertake, subject to the terms of the franchise. Franchise Waclav Hampl – is an affiliate program that the project involves equipping our partners with all the necessary for a comfortable business process organization: discount and bonuses for products Waclav Hampl, guidance on the use of promotional materials, donations of trade and refrigerating equipment, training services and equipment for its implementation, advertising and pr- support. We offer a quick tutorial that you can download, print and store at your draft beer sales. This Straw has repeatedly proves very helpful for our business partners, so we decided to share it with you: How to pour draft Hampl  beer. Read the terms of cooperation you can upload file: Proposal for a franchise (Retail) HamplIf you have any questions for us, you can contact us, or distributor Waclav Hampl in your area.