The owner of the trade mark

Brand «Waclav Hampl» protected by the state throughout the Russian Feederatsii based on evidence of the trademark (service mark) «Waclav Hampl», № 411223, in respect of goods “beer” class of the Nice Classification: 32. Application number 2008727791 , trademark priority received August 28, 2008, the registration period – up to 28 August 2018. Patent on the right to own the trademark issued by the Federal State Budgetary Institution” Federal Institute of Industrial Property” ( FIPS) . Exclusive rights Trademark «Waclav Hampl» in the territory of Russia protects  LLC ” Gorodissky and Partners.”

Office of the trademark Owner in Yekaterinburg: Russia, 620078, Ekaterinburg, Comintern street, Building 16, Suite 727.

Firm Office Locations “Law Firm Gorodissky and Partners” Russia, 620026, Ekaterinburg, Rosa Luxemburg street, 49.